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Here are examples of what our typical wedding videos look like.

Sarah + Zach

Zach and Sarah flew across the United States for a destination wedding. It was small and intimate, which made the day very romantic. They had a lot of fun while getting to enjoy the breath-taking views.

Moriah + Rex

Lake Tahoe made the perfect backdrop for this picturesque wedding. Remember your wedding in brilliant detail. We can capture the precious moments that you’ll never want to forget.

Melissa + Chris

Chris and Melissa had a very intimate wedding with close friends and family in Carmel, CA. This musical family had lots of fun being creative in expressing their love.

Melissa + Greg

Lake Tahoe never disappointing. This very adorable couple spared no expense to lavish their guests with lots of love!

Michelle + Plamen

Some families never stop laughing. This wedding in Rocky Point Restaurant in Monterey, CA had to be one of the funniest/charming weddings of the year! Beautiful setting and a beautiful couple.

Holly + Phil

The Firehouse Restaurant in Sacramento, CA was the perfect spot for a very intimate wedding for these soulmates. Family and friends gathered for some true fun.

Collyane + Anthony

What a surprise Collyane had when she discovered plane tickets to a mysterious destination and experienced the proposal of her dreams.

Jennifer + James

This amazing couple decided to keep their wedding small and intimate. Set in a scenic woodsy area, their big day was something they’d remember forever.

Trish + Tony

This beautiful Mansion provided an amazing backdrop for Tony and Trish’s first look! And the day only got better from there!!! One of my favorite parts of the day was when one of Tony’s grooms men noticed that there were bars on the window of where the men were getting ready and said the bars were put there so Tony couldn’t escape, “There’s no turning back now”. All the guys laughed. It was an incredible day.

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